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Preventive Dentistry

Because prevention is better than cure.

Preventive dental care plays an important role in keeping baby gums and teeth healthy. Despite a good oral routine some kids suffer from dental issues like cavity, loss of tooth enamel (yellow appearing teeth despite brushing twice), gum disease (bad breath, bleeding from gums, plaque/ tartar build up) leading to subsequent loss of proper oral function.

How it helps:

  • Maintenance of gum health
  • Preventing occurrence of cavities or in cases of early initiation of caries, stopping its progression.
  • Early detection of future malalignment of teeth and early intervention if required, reducing chances of extensive treatment in future.

Who needs it:

  • Children with high caries activity index (more than 40% of your child’s teeth have cavity).
  • Children having high dietary sugar intake.
  • Children with special needs (who cant take care of their oral hygiene).
  • Hypomineralised teeth (upper layer of teeth easily chips off).

Treatment Protocols

Fluride Therapy

To strengthen teeth and making it resistant to decay, concentrated fluride in form of gel/mousse is applied onto the surfaces in our office. A simple non invasive procedure that takes 15 minutes.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

An early preventive method used when the tooth is at risk of cavity formation or as a secondary prevention to interrupt progression of incipient caries (where the caries process has initiated). A fluride based material is placed onto the grooves and dips in the surface of the tooth, which forms a smooth protective barrier making them easily cleansable.

Diet Modification

Chocolates and caries go hand in hand. But did you know It’s a myth that only chocolates cause dental decay. Meal timings and acidogenic food can potentially harm the tooth structure and cause decay. Proper diet regulation will ensure your children’s childhood to be decay free. 

Home Care

Brushing twice yet cavities find their ways into your child’s mouth?

Tooth brushing techniques vary with age and dexterity. Proper tooth brushing and flossing routine goes a long way in keeping the oral cavity clean and protected from cavity forming microorganisms. We provide you with easy to understand methods for child’s proper oral care regime in between appointments.


The American dental association recommends a simple visit to your dentist every 3/6/12 months; depending on the caries risk assessment. We encourage practicing this simple protocol as this helps you identify the problem areas that need special care. These simple follow ups help you keep your child’s mouth decay free and their childhood pain free and smiling.

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